Charming Garden Flat

Quiet one-bedroom apartment available in an area with the authentic `old Amsterdam' atmosphere. Tram to the centre on your doorstep. Fully furnished including internet connection. Garden front and back. All appliances new; apartment and garden totally refurbished last year. Rent 1200-all-in. For further information please call 075.7726935 or consult Dmitry Reznitsky. Only expats with a firm work contract will be considered.

Appartment schema, photos and video.

Schema, the proportions are not 100% correct, this is to give the impression and specify what's shown on the photos.

Main entrance(1) and front garden (7)

Shower and toilet (2)

Main entrance (1) view from the storage place (3). (2) is to the left, (5) is to the right.

In the living room (5)

Living room (2), kitchen zone (4). Patio (8), garden (10) and back entrance (11) are visible through the windows

Kitchen zone(4)

Living room (5)

Bedroom (6)

Bedroom (6)

From bedroom (6) to the living room (5)

View from the back entrance (11) to the back garden (10), patio (8), to the left is the door to the shed (9)

Awning over patio (8). Fully opened (on the photo is partially opened) covers almost all of the patio place — enough to cover a table for 4 perssons.

Frmom patio (8) view of the shed (9), backdoor (11) and a bit of garden (10)